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Trust is good, self-custody is better! 

Your Swiss Crypto Partner for Hardware-Wallets, Backup Accessories and Consulting Services.

Safloti Products & Services

No matter if you are a Individual or a Company. We support you in integrating Bitcoin for a indepent future.


Private - Integrate Bitcoin into your everyday life for an independent future

Diversify into the Best-Performing Asset of humanity with Safloti:

Comprehensive advice
tailored to your needs

Personal support for

Assistance in setting
up a Wallet


Accept Lightning and Bitcoin payments
for the following business models:

Accept Bitcoin in Online-Store

Accept Bitcoin in Retail-Store

Business - Accept Lightning and Bitcoin payments for the following business models

Safloti specializes in Bitcoin and Lightning payment processing for online/retail stores and internet applications.

Buy everything you need from a Trusted Partner

Buy everything you need
from a Trusted Partner

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Our Partners

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